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Staff 2017 of Arlanda Jets women


2017-03-27 23:26
  • Uppdaterad: 2017-03-28 09:16

2017 our Staff is looking pretty similar as 2016.

 We have shuffled the pack little bit to make it more functional.

Head coach Ville Korhonen leaves the offense to Jesper Johanssons capable hands. Jesper has been OL coach since 2011 and Ass.HC since 2014, so it is about time to give him the keys.

"I trust Jesper 100 % and it is the first time I don´t call offensive plays in our womens team history, and 2nd year I don´t coordinate both sides. Thats new, but am happy I have been able to let go some." says HC Ville.

"It is a change, but am really comfortable to do it. I can get back to defense that has always been my "baby" all thru my career."

Ville gets back to Defense side, where he will be DC and LB coach. Will Peterson is taking good care of DBs and Robert Olsson continues to coach D-line.

"We are extremely experienced in defensive side. Def.staff, we can have really open and honest conversation, and we are able to be a strong group of coaches, agree and disagree of issues, to find a best way for us. And strenght of D-staff hopefully will stick to our defense and we can take That one step..." 


Offensive staff is youthful and energetic. There is a breath of fresh air now.

Jesper is still taking care of O-line and coordinates offense. Mattias Grip works with WRs, and that groups as whole, is the top group in  the country. 

 Jimmy Alonso does great job with our young RB group. With one extremely experienced player and group of 2nd year players, we look solid there.

New addition is QB coach Erik Smiding. His background is from Handball and Javelin, but via personal contact, he ended up as football coach. Erik is very sharp, good communicator and extremely methodical. What he does not know,he finds out about it.

And last and not absolutely the least, is our Team Manager Elisabeth Olsson. Without her work behind the team, we would have some huge headaches.

Last 2 years she has done amazing job to get our economy in great shape, organized games, home and away trips. We just will keep her happy in future, so the life is simpler. 


Some career details of the staff members:

Ville Korhonen                                 Head coach

1985 -2005         Player    FB/LB    Finland

1989- 2006          Coach                    Club teams, Finland

1994-1996            HC                          National team Finland /U16                        

2008-                     Coach                    Arlanda Jets, Sweden

2008                       STAFF                    Swedish Senior National team

2012-13                Coach                    Swedish u19 National team        

2014                       HC                          Swedish Women National team


- 8 x  National Champion in Finland and Sweden (coach)

- 11 x Finnish Runner up (1985-2007) (9 as coach)

- 12 x Swedish Runner up 2008-16 (Coach)

- 12 x 3rd place / Finland+Sweden (Coach)

- 3 x European Championships (u16) (Coach)

- 1 x Nordic Championship U19 2012 (Coach)

- Youth Coach of the year in Finland in -95

- Coach Of the Year in club: Wolverines Hki 2006, Arlanda Jets 2010 & -11

- Coach Of the Year Superserien, Swedish top league, 2013


Jesper   Johansson                           OC/Offensive line

2000-                     Player                   Arlanda Jets

2011 -                   Coach                    Arlanda Jets Women

2006-10                Player                   Swedish national team juniors


-       2:a u17 SM final 2008

-       2:a u16 Nordic championship 2009

-       2009 2:a U19 SM final

-       2010 2:a U19 SM final

-       2010 U19 NJC Gold

-        2:a dam SM 2012-14,16 (coach)  

-       2016 1:a herr div1 2016

-       MVP Defence U17 2008

-       MVP U16 2007


Mattias Grip                                      Wide receiver

2003-                     Player                   Arlanda Jets

2009                       Player                   National team / U17

2014-                     Coach                    Arlanda Jets women

2015                       Coach                    Arlanda Jets U19


-       2:a u16 Dukes tourney 2006

-       2:a u17 SM final 2008

-       2:a u16 Nordic championship

-       2009 2:a U19 SM final

-       2010 2:a U19 SM final

-       2016 2:a dam SM (coach)  

-       2016 1:a herr div1 2016

-       MVP 2009 Dukes turney

-       defense player 2011 u19 arlanda jets

-       special team player 2014 herr arlanda jets


Erik Smiding                                       Quarterbacks

Handball              Player                   In Allsvenska

Javelin throw     Competitor         Top level in Sweden

Handball              Coach                   

Track & Field       coach                   

Gymnastics         coach                    currently active

-          2 juniors SM Gold and 2 youth SM gold in javelin

-          1 SM silver in beach handball


Will Peterson                                    Defensive backs

1991-92                Player                   Uppsala 86ers seniors

2003-05                HC                          Uppsala 86ers u16

2006-09                HC                          Uppsala 86ers U17

2004-08                DC                          MSAFF district team

2008                       DC                          Swedish national team U17

-          SM Gold x 2

-          Dukes 3 Gold, 1 silver .

-          Coach 3 Seasons Uppsala U. Snakeheads 1 Bronze,1 Silver,1 Gold.


Robert Olsson                                   Defensive line

2013-15                Coach                    Uppsala 86ers juniors

2003-07, 08-12  Player                   Uppsala 86ers

2016-                     Coach                    Arlanda Jets women


 Jimmy Alonso                                   Running backs

2015                       HC                          Arlanda Jets u15

2014-15                coach                    Arlanda Jets u15/u17                     

2016                       Coach                    Arlanda Jets women

2006-15               Player                   Arlanda Jets

2012-13                Player                   Stockholm District team

-              SM gold U19 2011

-              Dukes Tourney 3 x gold

-              Stockholm District team x 2


 Elisabeth Olsson                              Team manager

2014                       Player                    Arlanda Jets women

2015-                     TM                         Arlanda Jets women



Skribent: Ville Korhonen
Epost: Adressen Gömd



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